Games market online is a platform for the sell |(also and purchase) of video games using listing ads. It is also possible to arrange a sort of a bargain (example: A game for the B game + 20 $).
The Games Market has a unique system for importing video games into a database. If the game is not already in the database you can just type the name of the game in the search field and press the "Add" button. The system will automatically download all relevant information such as covers, images and more. There is also a support for over 15 gaming platforms and digital distributors. Website is also mobile-friendly. There is only one click to authentication through Steam, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or Google. User location is based on zip/postal codes. Support is provided for all countries in the more info world. Great payment system supports PayPal and Stripe paying system.
Games Market has a system for leaving comments, chat, rating, mail & web push notifications, Live search engine for video games and Frontend language switcher (for English and German).

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